Bisita, Be My Guest Program Celebrates Successful Inaugural Launch

Bisita, Be My Guest Program Celebrates Successful Inaugural Launch

BURBANK, CA - April 23, 2023 - The Philippine Department of Tourism celebrated a major milestone with the successful launch of the first-ever US travel fair, the Bisita, Be My Guest program, held in Burbank, CA, on April 22, 2023. The event was received with great enthusiasm and featured over 100 exhibitors and vendors showcasing a range of Philippine products and services.

The event was attended by more than 500 guests who were treated to an array of gifts and prizes throughout the day. Excitement was high as attendees took advantage of the many discounts and incentives on offer, including free airline tickets and other fantastic promotional deals available to Filipinos and their guests.

The highlight of the evening was a gala dinner reception, which brought together esteemed members of the Filipino community, including VIP guests and Philippine government dignitaries from the Department of Tourism, including Tourism Secretary Ma. Christina Franco, and Tourism Promotion Board COO Ma. Margarita Nogales. The guests enjoyed a delicious meal and were entertained by a variety of live performances that showcased the rich culture and traditions of the Philippines, including musical icon Gary Valenciano, who performed to the delight of his many fans in the audience.

Mildred Deang, Event Producer and CEO of Insider Entertainment Group said, "The Bisita, Be My Guest program is an excellent opportunity for tourism-related businesses catering to Filipinos to take advantage of the many incentives to travel. The program offers an enticing range of discounts and benefits that will encourage more Filipinos to discover the beauty and variety of Philippine travel destinations.".

The launch of the Bisita, Be My Guest program marks a significant step in strengthening tourism ties between the US and the Philippines. The event's overwhelming success is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Philippines as a destination and the effectiveness of the promotional efforts of the Department of Tourism.

For more information about the Bisita, Be My Guest program, visit the Philippine Department of Tourism website or contact a travel operator in your area.

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