Bisita, Be My Guest Program Celebrates Successful Inaugural Launch

Partnership Announcement

ABS-CBN Music and Star Music Join Forces with Insider Entertainment Group, LLC in a global search for the next generation of Filipino stars! 

We're absolutely thrilled to collaborate in this global search with two titans of the Filipino music and entertainment industry - ABS-CBN Music and Star Music. But what does this mean for you?

ABS-CBN Music: Often referred to as the heartbeat of Filipino entertainment, ABS-CBN Music is a cornerstone in the Philippines' vibrant music scene. Their unparalleled influence extends beyond just music, shaping tastes, trends, and pop culture for millions across the nation.

Star Music: The recording arm of ABS-CBN, Star Music, stands as a beacon of creativity and talent in the archipelago. With an enviable roster of artists, ground-breaking hits, and award-winning albums, they've defined the soundtrack of countless lives in the Philippines.

By joining forces with these industry giants, we're not just bringing you music; we're offering an immersive experience into the very soul of Filipino entertainment. This partnership promises exclusive access, electrifying content, and a chance to rub shoulders with the best in the business.

Stay tuned, as the best of Filipino music and entertainment is now just a click away!